Hey, Chris is my name.
I am involved in ensuring all of our clients find the best accommodations and attractions around Ireland. There are so many great spots to visit in Ireland, but by far my favourite part of the country is Galway City.
Nothing beats going out to visit Salthill on a lovely Summer's day and taking a dive off the pier at Blackrock.

Lee Kelly

Hi. My name is Lee and I am from the seaside town of Dun Laoghaire (pronounced Dun Leery) in south Dublin. The oldest part of the town is over 1000 years old and it is famous for its harbour comprising of 2 large piers which users can take a stroll upon.
My favourite place in Ireland is Galway city because of its small size and vibrant culture. It is a beautiful place to visit with events on throughout the year

Claire Leech

My name is Claire and being from Co Westmeath I am lucky enough to have most of my favourite places only a couple of hours away! Once of my favourite places to visit in Ireland is Galway! There is so much to do and see whether it be strolling the wonderful city full or culture, music and arts or going further west to visit Connemara, with its unspoilt beautiful landscape you really can lose yourself!!

Teresa Mckevitt

My name is Teresa and I'm from Westmeath. One of my favourite places in Ireland is Dublin, primarily because of its diverse culture and ability to sustain its true heritage by acknowledging the arts on every corner, from museums to art galleries and street performers to random cafe story tellers. Dublin, like the rest of Ireland, also offers four seasons in one day and that in itself is miraculous enough to makeyour trip worthwhile.

Ciaran O'Donell

Hi my name is Ciaran and I am from Mullingar . My favorite part of Ireland is Co. Clare. Famous for its excellent accommodation, beautiful landmarks, exciting activities, friendly pubs, superb dining and rich cultural festivals.Co. Clare is home to the Burren, a karst landscape that incorporates a vast cracked pavement created during a long glacial period and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Ricky Byrne

Hi,my name is Ricky,I come from a town called Mullingar in The beautifull “Lake County” Westmeath, in the heart of Ireland, Mullingar is the most vibrant town in The Midland's, My favourite place in Ireland is County Clare,My Grandad was a very proud Clare man and even when he moved to Mullingar could still be heard shouting at The Hurling on the television!! The West Coast of Ireland has some of Ireland's best attractions.

Emily Loughran

Hi my name is Emily and i'm from the town Mullingar. My favorite place in Ireland would have to be the beautiful city of Dublin. There is always something exciting to do and places to go in Dublin, it is filled with the fascinating history of Ireland. I would highly recommend on going on the tour of Dublin city as it is a personal favorite of mine. .

Celine Maguire

My name is Celine!I am from Co. Cavan, which is just on the border of Northern Ireland, you will notice it kind of looks like a left-handed guitar on the map. My favorite place in Ireland is Kerry.Kerry is what postcard image of what Ireland looks like with so much to do, Ring of Kerry, National Park, Funghi the Dolphin, Muckross House & Gardens to name a few!!

Rob Archbold

Hi, my name is Robert and I am currently living in Kinnegad, Westmeath, but I am originally from the cusp of Kildare/Meath. My favourite place to visit is Dublin. I love Dublin because it has the famous Croke Park, (it hosts our national sport of Gaelic football and Hurling). You will find me there every other year cheering on the lily-white of Kildare or chanting the bants for Meath. I really do have the luck of the Irish and I will be happy to lead you to the pot of gold(en service).



Brian Mcevilly


Hi my name is Brian and I am originally from a small village on the West of Ireland called Cashel. Yes there is another Cashel and this less famous one is in Connemara, Co. Galway.Connemara is rural Ireland at its most beautiful with some of the best unspoiled scenery. My family home is Cashel House Hotel and I have been involved in tourism for almost all my life.I look forward to helping you plan your perfect Irish Holiday.

Darren Mc Nelis


My name is Darren and I love planning trips around my lush country.I grew up in the heart of Ireland, my childhood is full of adventures exploring the many ruins of castles and monastic sites that dot the green rolling hills of the countryside with my friends.The cliffs of Moher would be one of my favourite places to visit in Ireland the breathtaking view never loses its impact on me even after each visit. So lets get booking your trip to come and visit Ireland.


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