How Irish Bachelor Parties are Celebrated: A Guide from GoIrishTours

Irish stag parties, known for their vibrant energy and rich traditions, offer an experience unlike any other. From lively pub crawls to heart-pounding outdoor adventures, the Irish celebrate the groom-to-be in unforgettable ways. Let’s unravel the charm and uniqueness that define Irish stag parties. Irish Stag Party Traditions A stag party in Ireland is a […]

National Parks and Nature

1. Killarney National Park Tranquility, serenity, flora and fauna all await you in the haven of Killarney National Park. The park covers acres of forestry, lakes and nature, and is a fantastic way to learn more about the botany of Ireland. Take a jaunting car ride through the park and perhaps you’ll see some native […]

Culture, Arts and Music

1. The Hill of Tara Home to countless Irish myths and legends, the Hill of Tara is rich in folklore and history. The archaeological complex was once the seat of the High King of Ireland, and today is home to many interesting artefacts and historical sites. To learn more, click here.   2. Waterford Crystal […]

Castles and Gardens

1. The Rock of Cashel Without a doubt one of the most impressive places to see in Ireland the Rock of Cashel is the stuff of legend. The hulking castle stands glowering over the town of Cashel, with a mythology dating back to the days of St. Patrick. The famed stronghold is a must-visit.   […]

Spiritual and Religious Sites

1. Knock Situated in Knock, County Mayo, Knock Shrine is a place of reverence and pilgrimage for many worshippers and visitors. The Shrine offers a museum, daily Mass and other points of interest and faith. Knock is believed to be the site of an apparition of Our Lady. Visiting Knock is one of the most […]

History & Folklore

1. The Titanic Experience, Belfast This award-winning attraction is the single most immersive walking tour of the history of the Titanic. The tour offers the opportunity to follow the footsteps of the people who built and boarded the doomed ship, learning the history of the shipyard and the region. The museum is an essential stop […]

Hidden Gems and Curios

1. Aillwee Cave Based in The Burren National Park, the brilliantly strange Aillwee Cave is a great place to spend an hour or two. The Cave consists of weird caverns and oddly-shaped formations and is also home to a Bird Conservation Centre and a Visitor’s Centre. The area has been used to breed and care […]

Haunted Hotspots

1. Charleville Castle A Gothic castle hiding in the oak forests of Co. Offaly, Charleville is a favourite spot for ghost hunters and history fanatics everywhere. Tour the eerie halls and learn all the secrets of the fortification, which has a surprisingly spooky past. A chauffeur driven tour to Charleville is a must.   2. […]

Food & Drink

1. Galway City Seafood Selection Ireland’s cultural heart is Galway City. Offering a cornucopia of fresh, delicious seafood, the city has endless places to sample native mussels, crab, snapper and more. Make sure to snack on some of Galway’s locally-sourced, fresh seafood during our Irish Gold tour if you want a real taste of Ireland.   […]

The Top 5 Historical Places in Ireland

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]From the invasion of the Vikings to the present day, the history of Ireland is an endless tribute to the stoic, unbreakable spirit of its citizens. Our little island’s past is rich, diverse and interesting, with a huge treasure trove of historical sites to visit and learn from. Below, we have listed the top 5 […]