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If you’re looking to spend your vacation in the lap of luxury, then our private escorted tours have exactly what you need. Our chauffeur driven tours of Ireland are the perfect way to relax and recuperate whilst taking in everything that the Emerald Isle has to offer.
We offer private escorted tours to cater to every taste, timeframe and budget imaginable. Our chauffeur-driven vacations vary in length and are ideal for anyone who wants to treat themselves to a well-earned, relaxed break away.

Choosing an escorted tour over self-driven has many perks. Go Irish Tours will provide you with a luxury rented car and your own personal driver, an Irish native who will be able to provide unique insider knowledge as they drive you across the island. You’re also in safe hands and are guaranteed to never get lost down a twisty
back road!

You’ll be able to enjoy the stunning scenery of Ireland from the comfort of your seat, avoiding the effort of driving and adapting to Irish roads. Our picturesque mountains, cliff sides, hills and valleys are world-renowned and not to be missed. When it comes to private chauffeur tours Ireland is one of the best places to choose.



Small Group

Explore Ireland intimately with Small Group tours. Immerse in local culture and breathtaking landscapes with expert guides, plus enjoy a 7-day backup support for worry-free travel.

Large Group

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Scotland and Ireland

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Laura King Sept 2022

My husband,three teenage grandchildren and i had a lovely vacation in Ireland this summer. Tina was very helpful with her suggestions and bookings for us, and Goirish provided a driver and van for us. Dennis was our driver, and I doubt you could find a sweeter and more accommodating man in all of Ireland.

Stacy Pettijohn Sept 2022

My husband and I just returned from a 10 night trip. We flew into Dublin and did a self driving tour staying in many places. This trip was planned in 2019 prior to Covid. We were so excited to finally go and it did not disappoint. Every accommodation was fabulous and the scenery on the drives was amazing.

Trace Nickels Aug 2022

Our family just completed a weeks tour of Northern Ireland. Go Irish Tours did a fabulous job of planning our trip. Tina had everything ready for us and Pat our driver completed a perfect vacation. We are very comfortable recommending them for any trip to Ireland that you are thinking about.

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