Irish Distillery

Gain insight into lots of brewers secrets. Find out the craic with Irish craft beer. You’ll learn about the best distillery tours and what is involved. Bet you did not know the fun fact at the end…

The view from the Guinness Storehouse Gravity Bar

Nothing says Irish any more than a laugh and a couple of drinks. The Irish pub scene is electric you can find just about any type of pub you fancy – there are enough of them! Get out and about, no doubt you’ll have a great time.The average price of a pint of beer is €4.50 but there are cheaper places. The average price of a measure of spirit varies but it is usually around €4 depending on the spirit.

Craft Beer Creative Designs

If you want to get experimental then look no further than the ‘craft beer’ scene. Many of the bars are host to a number of ‘craft beers’.

These aren’t regular ‘big name’ drinks…

Craft beers are locally brewed and people got a little experimental with beer as they began to try different ingredients including chocolate, banana, pumpkin, coffee; the list goes on.

The Guinness Storehouse

This is Ireland’s most visited tourist attraction – with around 1,025,677 visitors each year, it is hard to debate!Located in the heart of Dublin behind the iconic St. James Gate – the home to ‘the black stuff’ is rich in history and cultural values on all 7 floors.Employees have been there for generations. Welcome to the magical journey through the Guinness Storehouse tour.Learn about its origin in 1759, discover how the creamy, black stout is brewed and top of a great day with a free pint at the ‘Gravity Bar’ while you take in the panoramic view of Dublin.It is more than a factory, it is a home.

The Old Bushmills Distillery

If you are a Whiskey lover you need to visit the Bushmills Distillery. It is the islands oldest working distillery, located in Co. Antrim. You’ll be toured around the distillery by a knowledgeable guide.Whiskey smelling, tasting and a fun workshop await you in the tour. When you finish of course you will be treated to a free whiskey in the 1608 Bar.The bar is host to around 120,000 people every year.

The Jameson Whiskey Experience

Jameson Whiskey is Ireland’s most famous brand of whiskey, make your way on a journey through the Jameson Distillery and learn about the milling, mashing and maturing involved in the production of this fine triple-distilled whiskey – as well as discovering the truth behind the so-called ‘Angels Share’.Unwind in the bar after where you’ll receive a free Jameson Ginger & Lime.

Seans Bar in Co. Athlone is the oldest pub in Europe and it is yet to be proven the oldest in the world! It opened in 900AD.

The oldest bar in Europe, maybe the world