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If you’re looking to spend your vacation in the lap of luxury, then our private escorted tours have exactly what you need. Our chauffeur driven tours of Ireland are the perfect way to relax and recuperate whilst taking in everything that the Emerald Isle has to offer.
We offer private escorted tours to cater to every taste, timeframe and budget imaginable. Our chauffeur-driven vacations vary in length and are ideal for anyone who wants to treat themselves to a well-earned, relaxed break away.

Choosing an escorted tour over self-driven has many perks. Go Irish Tours will provide you with a luxury rented car and your own personal driver, an Irish native who will be able to provide unique insider knowledge as they drive you across the island. You’re also in safe hands and are guaranteed to never get lost down a twisty
back road!

You’ll be able to enjoy the stunning scenery of Ireland from the comfort of your seat, avoiding the effort of driving and adapting to Irish roads. Our picturesque mountains, cliff sides, hills and valleys are world-renowned and not to be missed. When it comes to private chauffeur tours Ireland is one of the best places to choose.      

Go Irish Tours offer a wide range of private escorted tours, each one unique and unforgettable. We’ll assign one of our dedicated staff to you, who’ll be on hand every step of your vacation to answer any questions you have. Your personal tour organiser will help you build a vacation that is perfect for you. Our chauffeured tours of Ireland are completely customisable and can be tailored to suit your wants, needs and budget. To find out more about us and our staff,
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Get ready to cross another item off your bucket list – the chauffeur driven vacation of a lifetime is waiting for you!

The shortest break we’ve put together is the Short Break Away (5 nights). This five-night trip takes you from Dublin through Cork, Kerry and the Midlands, providing the perfect taste of Irish culture and history. Enjoy the views and culture from the comfort of your chauffeur-driven car, as your driver takes you through the gorgeous landscapes and cities of Ireland.

Our Honeymoon Tour (6 nights) is the perfect piece of heaven for any newlywed couples. The stops, sights and overnights on this trip are cherry-picked for maximum romance. Enjoy the idyllic countryside and charming towns as you enjoy the newness of married life. Six nights is the perfect way to wind down after the wedding madness, and with a personal escort through the island, you’ll be blissed out in no time.

The week-long Southern Loop Tour (7 nights) is a fantastic taster of Irish life. This tour encircles the southern half of Ireland, stopping in Cork, Kerry, Clare, Galway and the Midlands. Your driver will navigate the tricky bends and strange signposts as you take in the beauty of the isle from your comfortable passenger seat. This tour is definitely ideal for those who want to enjoy a little luxury as well as adventure!

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Southern Loop (7 Nights Tour)

20 customer reviews

From $3448.85

From $2999

For those with a little more time the 7 night escorted loop will allow you to see more of Ireland’s magnificent scenery and beautiful…
34 people booked today

Short Break Away (5 Nights Tour)

21 customer reviews

From $2643.85

From $2299

If you would like to spend a short time in Ireland and still experience it’s beauty, then our 5 night tour is perfect for you…
18 people booked today

Honeymoon (6 Nights Tour)

15 customer reviews

From $2873.85

From $2499

Your honeymoon is unlike any trip you have ever taken so why not celebrate it in charming romantic Ireland. With its picturesque seaside villages…

Go Irish Tours offers a selection of 8-10 night chauffeur-driven vacations stretching from Malin Head to Mizen Head and back again. These trips are designed for those with a little more time and a freer budget, and make for a great summer getaway.

For those seeking a spooky, bone-chilling adventure with a historical twist, our Haunted Ireland Tour (8 nights) is right up your alley. This chauffeur-driven show case of Ireland’s haunted spots is full to the brim with Irish myths, history and legend. Explore haunted castles and twisted woods, learning of our fantastic folklore and its origins. This tour is a truly unique way to explore Ireland from the comfort of your passenger seat.

The Relaxed Pace Tour (9 nights) was designed for those who are looking for a touch of luxury as well as adventure. Stop and smell the roses as you navigate from Dublin through places such as Kerry and Galway. There’s no need to worry about anything on this trip – just sit back and enjoy yourself as your chauffeur makes all the essential stops.

Ireland’s Spiritual Tour (9 nights) is a private escorted trip around Ireland’s most important religious spots and shrines. You’ll visit Holy Wells, cathedrals, abbeys, monasteries and more on this tour, with a special trip to Knock Shrine where the Virgin Mary is reported to have appeared.

If you’re interested in luxe, refined vacations then this Live in Luxury Tour (10 nights), is the perfect vacation for you. This trip around Ireland’s hottest spots and finest attractions is ideal to enjoy with your very own driver and car. The overnights are spent in manor houses, five-star hotels and resplendent castles. Travel easily from place to place in style, pausing to take in the finer side of Ireland along the way by exploring museums, abbeys and national parks.

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Live in Luxury (10 Nights Tour)

20 customer reviews

From $5242.85

From $4559

We all like to enjoy our vacation so why not live in luxury during your time here. Explore Ireland while staying in 5 star hotels…
23 people booked today

Ireland’s Spiritual Tour

15 customer reviews

From $3862.85

From $3359

Highlights Dublin City Trinity College and Book of Kells The Irish House Party includes dinner and show St. Mary’s Abbey Dublin…
20 people booked today

Haunted Ireland (8 Days Tour)

17 customer reviews

From $3793.85

From $3299

If you are looking for a Haunted Ireland tour then you have come to the right place. Ireland is the realm of legend and mystery…

Our extended chauffeur-driven trips are the cream of the crop when it comes to Ireland vacations. These tours are the best of the best, bucket-list entry trips that encompass everything it means to be Irish.

The Historical Ireland Tour (11 nights) is the perfect jaunt through Ireland’s historical hotspots. Take in history and lore as you travel through castles, abbeys and other historical sites such as Kilmainham Gaol. The past is told through artefacts, buildings, stories and legends on this tour.

The Wild Atlantic Way (12 nights) one of the most popular routes through Ireland and it’s not hard to see why. Your driver will take you from north to south on the western side of the island, where the scenery is nothing short of breathtaking. If you’re looking to see the real Ireland then this is the tour for you.

The Full Circle (14 nights) is the longest chauffeur-driven tour we offer. This is a bucket-list trip – if you want to properly see Ireland and learn all about us, then the Full Circle is your dream tour! Your chauffeur will ensure you stop at every important spot during the two weeks, getting you to your overnight locations in plenty of time to explore.

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Wild Atlantic Way (12 Nights Tour)

17 customer reviews

From $4598.85

From $3999

From “Malin to Mizen”, The Wild Atlantic Way brings you from the north most point in Donegal to the southmost…
15 people booked today

The Full Circle (14 Nights Tour)

16 customer reviews

From $5288.85

From $4599

This 14-night self drive tour will allow you to travel around Ireland in a full loop. From the Cliffs of Moher to the Guinness…
29 people booked today

Historical Ireland (11 Nights Tour)

16 customer reviews

From $4242.35

From $3689

One thing that Ireland is famous for is its history. Explore Ireland’s authentic castles, cathedrals and ancient relics…

Go Irish Tours are one of the most well-loved and trusted names in Irish chauffeur travel. If you’re ready to start your Irish adventure then get in touch with us today. A trained and knowledgeable member of our team is ready to answer any question you may have. The sooner you start the sooner you’ll be here! Click here to contact us and begin planning your perfect chauffeur-driven adventure to the Emerald Isle. 

Laura King Sept 2022

My husband,three teenage grandchildren and i had a lovely vacation in Ireland this summer. Tina was very helpful with her suggestions and bookings for us, and Goirish provided a driver and van for us. Dennis was our driver, and I doubt you could find a sweeter and more accommodating man in all of Ireland.

Stacy Pettijohn Sept 2022

My husband and I just returned from a 10 night trip. We flew into Dublin and did a self driving tour staying in many places. This trip was planned in 2019 prior to Covid. We were so excited to finally go and it did not disappoint. Every accommodation was fabulous and the scenery on the drives was amazing.

Trace Nickels Aug 2022

Our family just completed a weeks tour of Northern Ireland. Go Irish Tours did a fabulous job of planning our trip. Tina had everything ready for us and Pat our driver completed a perfect vacation. We are very comfortable recommending them for any trip to Ireland that you are thinking about.

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