Cork, Kerry, Wicklow Chapter 14

Cork City

English Market

Cork City was the host city of the “European Capital of Culture – 2005’”
Experience the English Market in the hub of the city, it is filled with fresh food and kind people.


You can expect to find a lot of cultural social scenes here, whether it is traditional music night in a nearby pub or simply; the accent and cuisine.

With coastlines carved throughout time, mountain ranges, parks, lakes, small colourful towns – It is the scenery capital of Ireland. Being host to the Ring Of Kerry and the Dingle Peninsula complements its title.

Swing by some of the famous sights and take it all in.


Known as the garden of Ireland because of the natural forestry. It is filled with excellent cycling and driving routes such as the Braveheart drive & the Michael Collins drive.

The land played a vital role in the filming a number of big movies including ‘Braveheart’ featuring Mel Gibson and ‘Michael Collins’ featuring Liam Neeson.

Try some of the walkways or driving routes and embrace the garden county.