Enhance The Romance chapter 3


Here you’ll learn of ways to make it more romantic trip including – the simple clichés, budget romance & travagance

I’m going to list ideas to tease out your inner feelings about yourself and your partner. These ideas will suit budget honeymooners as well as big spenders. Think of this list as ideas with endless possibilities, some are quite extravagant, others are more simple.

Now that we have covered your essential toiletries to freshen up your bed-head and made packing a less stressful job, it is time for the fun part.

Deciding what to bring to make it even more romantic…

Did you read a blog that claimed “the must haves” of honeymoon mood-setters that did not appeal to you? From experience, most couples don’t have the same mood-setting aspirations or same idea of romance. Your honeymoon is all about you and your other half. It is about having your perfect getaway with each other.

Don’t forget whatever you choose to set the mood, a sentimental touch will make it more romantic – expressing mutual affection is the key. Honeymoon cliches are underrated, a bottle of bubbly, music and rose petals spread across the king size bed are all mood setters for an extraordinary time.

There are endless ways to express love for your partner, trust yourself in how well you know them because you know what romantic gestures they’ll love. If you get worried, ask his/her friends to help you brainstorm. Leave some time to enjoy each other, don’t be tied to a schedule.


Many people feel big money spending doesn’t hold as much sentimental value as simple things. Many couples would agree drawing a hot bath is very relaxing. Adding your partner’s favourite scented candles and bath salts while you indulge in your partner’s presence will make for one beautiful moment.

Claddagh Ring

The romantic symbol of Ireland is the “ Claddagh ” ring. It is designed to portray the qualities of love ( a heart ), friendship ( hands ) and loyalty ( a crown ). Surprise your partner with this ring during your honeymoon.


Surprising each other with a gift is a great way of showing your mutual affection. Whether it is jewellery, a letter or a poem, ask the locals to be a part to make it extraordinary. To improve your romance, make the surprise exclusive to where you are, make sure you can’t get it or do it at home...


Flowers always add to the mood – when your partner walks into the room and sees their favourite flowers in bunches, they’ll be joyl. Combine flowers and romantic music to create the perfect setting. is is a touch of sentimental class.

Bring a camera to capture the romance.

A honeymoon involves making memories. ink outside the b . – bring a honeymoon journal.

Planning a private picnic is a classic act. Prepare a playlist in advance and you are golden!

Irish scenery combined with your partner’s company is an clusive mood setter.

It can be hard to live up to all the romantic honeymoon moments. Some couples go through a thing called “the honeymoon slump” – this is not something to worry about.

Simply, it is the process after of being indulged in romance where you try to get back into your day to day routine. Don’t get lt in cha, working hours and replies to wedding attendees.

Make time for each other, go out on dates and don’t forget the sentimental touch! I cover this in more detail at the end…