General Things Chapter 10

Here are some things worth knowing if you want to go out and socialise in Ireland…

“Spend some time getting to know the Irish people. While gazing lovingly into each others' eyes should be a pastime for all honeymooners, it is also pretty amazing to chat with your B&B host over a long breakfast or squeeze next to fiddle player during a traditional Irish session. If you step outside your comfort zone a little, you will find the beauty of Ireland isn't just in the scenery, but also with the people.”

– Stephanie Chastain,.

-Writer for InfinityIreland.

The pub is traditionally the favoured place for socialising and ‘going for a pint’ is something of a national pastime. There are over 10,000 pubs in Ireland, many offering live traditional and modern music as well as pub-grub (food).

Ireland is a safe place so don’t worry – it does not have a reputation for
pickpocketing etc.

You can expect to find every kind of social scene; whether it is ‘South American Night’ or ‘Traditional Music Sessions’ in a certain place. In most cities you’ll find this kind of stuff scattered around.

Depending on where you go you’ll find a whole assortment of things, events and people. There are homosexual, hetrosexual and multicultural bars & nightclubs everywhere.

Regardless of when you are here; there is always some sort of festival on soon.

The average price for a pint or bottle of beer is €4:50. A measure of spirit (25 ml @ 40% alcohol level) – whiskey etc. varies but they’ll usually cost you around €4.

Most nightclubs close at around 2:30am – 3:00am – 4:00am and may not be open some days depending on the club. Depending on the area most bars close at around 11:30pm (midweek) and 12:30am (weekend).
Music venues could be full during any day/night of the week.

During the weekend many city streets have more atmosphere than the bars themselves.

Smoking inside a public place is not permitted.

The police are called Gardaí.

Interesting Fact: ‘Sean’s Bar’, located in Athlone, Co. Westmeath, is Europe’s oldest pub – dating back to 900 A.D.

Ha’penny Bridge is a famous landmark for couples to attach a lock to, and throw the key into the River Liffey as a symbol of everlasting, unbreakable love… An outstanding act on your honeymoon 🙂 If you explore you’ll find all sorts of gestures people do in Ireland.

My advice – travel around Ireland don’t stick to the ‘local’, hear the different accents and meet the different people. As many traveling bloggers would agree; getting out and exploring Dublin City or any location for that matter, is a fantastic way of understanding the culture and finding the hidden gems scattered around the island.