Around Chapter 20

Getting Around

Here I’m going to give you the know-how to get around the island without learning from scratch when you arrive.

I will outline the following:

  • Good forms of transport,
  • Public transport prices,
  • local transport systems,
  • Nationwide systems,
  • Rentals,
  • Travel to the UK and France.

The absolute best way to see Ireland is to rent a car and get out into the countryside. For those wary of driving on the left, you can also find your way to many great sights using Ireland’s bus and train systems.Or we’ll be happy to get you a private driver which will do all the work for you…



Wherever you start, don’t spend your whole honeymoon there! (Unless you really like it)… The biggest mistake tourists make when visiting Ireland is staying in the one location the whole time. At the end of the day it’s only 1 part of Ireland. There is a lot more to do. Rent a car and head into the sunset! Or hop on a bus or train.


After the wedding you may want to change your second name asap, hold on until after your honeymoon because you could face issues with your passport… “One of the recurring issues faced by honeymooners is the name under which their trip is booked. Indeed many brides book their trip under their new married name but don’t change their name on their passport which can create a lot of issues when travelling. We suggest to book their trip under their maiden name to avoid any unpleasant surprises.” – Sophie Pigott, Marketing Manager at Weddings online

Car Rental

There are 5 major airports in Ireland- Dublin, Knock, Shannon & Cork and there are lots of car rental companies near the airports.We need to know your budget and vehicle preference before we can schedule your car to be waiting upon arrival. Chances are; you can get the car you want if you let us know early.Regardless of what car you chose; you are fully ensured and you don’t need to worry about milage because it is unlimited. Clarify the insurance policy with the dealer anyway.

The advantage of renting a car is freedom. If you enjoy driving that is a big bonus! And it can work out cheaper than public transport in the long run. After the ‘Celtic Tiger’, national roads have been restored to driving excellence and there is no better way to explore the romantic driving routes.If you get travel sickness and plan to avoid bendy roads you can take the motorway. It is a more direct route with less bends but you’ll have to pay to pass through toll-bridges which will cost 2.90 for cars.If you want to go inner city sightseeing – you will save time by walking or taking public transport because it may be pretty hectic to drive yourself.

National Transport System

Ireland have a good bus system, it is kinder on the budget in long journeys rather than small. The 2 biggest bus services are Bus Eireann & City Link. The fares are similar.There are usually discounts for online purchases. Prices vary depending on how common the route is so let us know where you want to go so we can get a rate

Here are some examples…


  • From Dublin to Galway ranges from €13 to €15.
  • From Dublin to Cork costs around €21, From Cork to Kilkenny costs the same.
  • From Galway to Killarney costs around €30.
  • From Tralee to Dingle costs around €14.50.
  • From Westport to Belfast costs around €32.40

Irish Rail is the major train system in Ireland. It is usually more costly than bus transport because it is more comfortable. For example Dublin to Galway costs €35 and Dublin to Kilkenny costs €22.50. Many counties usually has their own urban rail system. For example Dublin has the Dart and Commuter trains and Cork has the Cork Suburban Rail System. These are reasonably cheap but can be busy throughout the day.

Local Transport System

Dublin have the Luas and Dublin Bus. The Luas is a tram system which goes through the heart of the city out to more secluded areas. The fare depends on journey length. Ticket machines operate beside every stop. It ranged from €1.49 to €2.40 one-way.Dublin Bus stops are very frequent and many have electronic signs stating which bus stops there. The fare ranges from €1.95 to €3.60 depending on where you are going. They only take coins and do not give change. Galway also have a similar system, fares ranging from €1.90 to €3.50.

Bicycle Rental

Ireland has some incredible cycling routes and it is better than a car for exploring because you can go off track. You can get really adventurous and discover beautiful places like no one else.

Ireland has some incredible cycling routes and it is better than a car for exploring because you can go off track. You can get really adventurous and discover beautiful places like no one else.

Bike Hire Ireland are a western-based company which offer one-way bike rental, this means you don’t have to drop it back to the store you got it from. They have 7 stores throughout the west, so you can drop it into any of them…Convenient right? 🙂

The drop-off locations- are Connemara: Clifden and Westport.
Burren: Doolin and Ennis.
Kerry: Killarney, Tralee and Dingle.

You can rent the bikes out daily for around €15 – €20 or $17 – $22.80, the one-way bike rental costs €40 or $45.60 per person. This has to be booked 21 days in advance.The prices vary depending on whether it is a regular bike or E-bike and they vary slightly between companies.

Note: All bike rental companies require a deposit, usually between 100-300 depending on the bike

Motorcycle Rental

If you want to tour the island with wind in your hair and a free feeling, you can rent a motorcycle and experience Irish roads in a different way. The price depends on the motorcycle you want but they range from around €120 to €230 per day.Some stores offer a small discount for a longer rental, for example €20 less per day for 7 days.

Boat Rental

If you don’t feel like driving, cycling or taking our coach tour… you can rent a boat! 🙂 No I am not talking about a little dingy or paddle boat. Ireland has brilliant canal systems so it is relatively easy to travel from place to place.It is not for everyone, but Hey! You two aren’t everyone :).This could be a uniquely romantic adventure for both of you. It applies a different lens to see Ireland through.3 days is the shortest boat rental off a company, you can rent them for a day or half day through private sales. Price varies depending on the boat & length of rental. It can get pretty expensive but you can rent a boat for as little as €350 but the usual cost is around €550 – €600.