Pack Like A Stewardess Chapter 2


I can’t advise you what to bring but I can make it an easier process for you.

Resist the urge to bring everything – it would be stressl. Also, it can make a mess of your beautil hotel room. It can be difficult to decide on what clothes to bring on a holiday and even harder for a honeymoon because you want to look your best for your scrapbook as newlyweds on your romantic vacation.

Select one of your favorite items of each clothes like shirt, dress, shorts etc. and pack them, then shortlist the rest, then make a shortlist of the shortlist and keep narrowing it down. reduces the havoc of deciding.

Do not forget to ask your other half for their opinion! listen to them.

Be realistic on what you bring, if you are going for two days do not bring clothes for five days. You’ll need that space for so enirs.

Some essentials and considerations are listed below, the key is to not bring everything but to bring your favorite items, with some variety. You don’t want everything to be a yellow shirt. Keep in mind our summer months can be warm and sunny.

Note - Stewardesses are great at packing because they are realistic. You are coming to Ireland so be ready a combination of warm and wet weather.


Honeymoons need lingerie!
Sexy pyjamas

Floppy hat

A nice floppy hat if that's your style
Sundresses - Ireland can sometimes get pretty hot!

Hair Products

A bathing suit
Shorts & - jeans
Formal wear
Cardigan or cashmere

High heels

If you bring high heels bring more than one in case they break
Comfortable shoes for exploring
Multipurpose waterproof jacket

Accessories (jewelry, scarfs, etc.)

Nothing too heavy, layers are better
Accessories (jewelry, scarfs, etc. )
Don't worry about bringing spa attire because it take up so much
luggage space. Just get them when you're here. But your favorite gym clothes are okay

Let your bride help you pack. Men don’t really have many additional accessories so here are some of the obvious considerations…

Shirt & Pants

Polo Shirt
Sports Jacket
Nice shoes for the evening & comfy ones for exploring
Swim suit

Ear plugs

Ear plugs
Zip-lock bags are always handy
Small backpacks for day excurions & picnics
Extra pair of glasses/contact lens, inhaler - any thing essential that can break