Romantic Drives Chapter 8

Romantic Drive

My top advice is to drive, go exploring and discover those hidden gems and epic scenes with your partner. Going for random drives can uncover the unknowns on the island that no amount of internet-surfing can find.

You won’t find information of a traditional music event online, I can only tell you ways to come across them and driving is the best.

Lovers drives’ have a classic history in love stories and adventures. It isn’t for everyone but If you and your partner are passionate about driving; Ireland is full of beautiful roads, some of which are more than just roads for driving… They are roads that will keep your passion for life burning – like your wedding day – and invoke charm from the Irish riviera.

One in particular will show you the most unspoilt towns and nature we have to offer – ‘The Wildd Atlantic Way’ is a 2,400km journey which was designed so that people could assimilate to Irish culture through experience of the full panorama of the coastline while passing through cosy villages unharmed by advertisements and city chaos.

It is one of many routes where land and sea collide and untamed beauty yields for your enjoyment. You’ll be pampered by the kind locals. Both of you will get to discover Irish art & heritage and you’ll have the opportunity to experience the culture of tradi-tion & music.

Sheeps Head Peninsula, Co. Cork – It has long been a popular destination for hill walkers, the peninsula is also a stunning drive. It is a 88 kilometer trail which follows old roads and tracks around the peninsula.

Slea Head, Co. Kerry – This route shows off an authentic Ireland. It is around 47 kilometers long and you are guaranteed highlights around every bend.

Galway to Westport via the Dool- ough Valley – Mountains opening up for a wide lake surrounded by green-ery, Doolough Valley is an epic sight, one of many on this western route.

The Ring Of Kerry, Co. Kerry – One of the most iconic in the country, it is around 175 kilometers long. I’ll tell you about it later.

The ‘Braveheart’ & ‘Michael Collins’ routes, Co. Wicklow – Wicklow has been a hub for blockbuster movies for decades, including Braveheart & P.S I Love You. The are a number of epic driving routes through the dubbed the Garden County.