Scenery – 50 Shades Of Green Chapter 17


Predictable? No chance… There are lots of reasons why Ireland is famous for its landscapes (and being green is just one of them).Here I’m going to help you understand that it is more than the green island & I’ll outline some of the best natural beauties on the island.Nature has granted Ireland the perfect romantic backdrop from anywhere on the island. The scenery and landscape makes a romance spark into wildfire.I could spend days writing about the different scenic places and breathtaking landscapes but I won’t spoil it… You and your partner need to see them in person 🙂 There are sights here that you would not see anywhere else… Below; is a few naturally constructed sites to take your breath away. They all provide mood-setting views and provide great photo opportunities.

Copper Coast Geopark, Co. Waterford

It got the name from the copper mines along the stretch of the coast. It is an outdoor museum of geological records. From my research this park has not received enough praise. It is the only geopark in Europe. A geopark is a unique area of geological heritage and significance. They are converted into parks to promote awareness of for key issues relating to the dynamics of the world.

Giant’s Causeway, Co. Antrim

located on the magnificent northern coastline in Co. Antrim - this Irish gem is home to many rare plants and animals. It is an iconic landmark of one of Europe’s most magnificent coastlines. The rugged symmetry of the columns isimpeccable. The thought that it was a result of Volcanic activity is mind boggling.

The Burren, Co. Meath

is another example of fascinating landscape. It hosts limestone pavement, calcareous grassland, hazel scrub, wildflowers, ash/hazel woodland, turloughs, lakes, pure springs, cliffs and fen. It ranges 5.8 miles in size and it is a spectacle display of natural landscape. You’ll find this in Co. Clare.

The Cliffs Of Moher, Co. Clare

is a staggering 214 meters tall with an instant drop. Taking a trip to the Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare on a summer night with a red sky and a cast of pink clouds in anticipation for a beautiful morning, will create a moment to treasure for a lifetime. You’ll find these cliffs in Co. Clare.

The Doolin Caves, Co. Clare

are the host to the longest free-hanging stalactite in the Northern Hemisphere (23 feet), you can see these limestone caves lit up in colours in person in Co. Clare.

The River Shannon

is Ireland's longest river, at 360 kilometers.

The Benbulben Mountain, Co. Sligo

is undoubtedly Ireland's most distinctive mountain. It was formed during the ice age by massive glaciers segmenting the landscape. The unusual landscape houses a mix of flora and fauna, including Arctic alpine plants, wild hares, foxes and choughs.

Approximately 82% of tourists visit Ireland for the scenery which is hardly surprising. Irish landscape has formed some of the most epic photo opportunities.The island’s waterways consist of lakes, canals and winding rivers which makes it a hotspot for kayaking, canoeing and fishing.Sudden-drop cliffs and sandy beaches fringe off Irish shores while the skyline is dominated by rigid mountains, sloped hills and Irish charm.


CS Lewis claims he got the inspiration to write ‘Narnia’ – a fairytale novel – from the sight of the Mourne Mountains.Mother nature led to the creation of tranquil sloped hills of the midlands, magical coastlines, course waterways and underground caves – not to forget the Islands surrounding the coastline.The scenery and landscape is embedded in legends, myths and fairytales linking back to our Celtic roots. If you talk to the locals of any town, you are bound to hear some of them.That is one reason why it is perfect for your honeymoon – the attitude of the locals complement the beauty of the island.You’ll see the historical significance of the land as you tour around, you’ll pass by historical Abbeys, castles and monuments.Many Irish towns look imaginative and fairytale in nature. Witnessing the sunrise over a shallow bed of rocks while a blanket of mist sparkles above it, or sunset below an Irish village, igniting it with a golden glimmer while watching the sky turn pink is almost an act of love itself.The coastlines are home to magnificent seaside towns perfect for couples. Such as Kinsale and Dingle.50 shades of Green? Yes, but there is a lot more besides the cliché…


Ireland is blessed with the best of both worlds, city excitement and rural countrysides with celtic history running through the heart of both. Small towns are nestled by a lovely seaside, surrounded by a bowl of mountains and laid in open, wide slopes.Ireland has been host to a number of movies and shows like ‘Game Of Thrones’, a lustful hit television series, because of its spectacular landscape and sights.The 204.8 square kilometers of Wicklow National Park is an exceptional example of Irish wildlife with an intriguing history. The park featured in the movie “P.S. I Love You”, but it has not always been a heaven for the ultimate romance scene…