Some of the Best Chapter 23

Here, I’m going to mention a few things worth checking out. Hopefully I will help you narrow down your options.

Don’t you hate trying to gather information on something to pick the best locations, sights and activities to see? It is chaotic at times. I have been surfing the net to find out the best of everything including castles, hotels, spas, landscape locations, cities, museums & art galleries, parks, cultural sites and sacred sites.

Irish Castles

From brooding ruins on windswept hills to restored masterpieces, Ireland’s castles can be looked at, walked through, clambered over, dined in – even slept in! But how did it start?

Gaelic Clans used to live within walled fortifications which you can see in the Stone Forts on the Aran Islands, the community lived within the walls. Throughout history there has been conflict, therefore you could never be sure if you were safe… This led to the redevelopment of forts into stronger castles. In medieval times castles were also made to show off power. Over time the walls served different purposes.

Here are 7 of the best castles in Ireland…

Kilkenny Castle

Rising above the River Nore it is a real treat for your eyes, this is one of Ireland’s most visited castles. Located in South-East Ireland

Rock Of Cashel

Known as St. Patrick’s Rock, which is one of the most remarkable collections of Celtic art and medieval architecture to be found anywhere in Europe. The word ‘Cashel’ means ‘fortress’ which suits the castles historical significance. Located in North Tipperary.

Kylemore Abbey Castle

The dramatic landscape and iconic image of a gothic castle reflected in a Connemara lake and beautiful gardens has made Kylemore Abbey world-famous and it is now one of the largest tourist attraction in the west of Ireland. Located in Galway.

Ashford Castle

We cannot talk about castles without mentioning Ashford Castles. It has the perfect romance setting, beside a lake and surrounded by forestry and perfectly kept gardens, when you see it you will understand why Courteney Cox decided to marry here. Located in Galway.

Luttrellstown Castle

Located on the outskirts of Dublin, this is where David Beckham and Victoria Adams tied the knot. Surrounded by 560 acres of forestry. Host to an 18 hole golf course. Red ivy climbing up the walls, this castle screams luxury.

Lismore Castle

Located in Waterford. Henry II visited Lismore in 1171 and chose a site for a castle, situated in a panoramic position overlooking the Blackwater Valley it has views over rolling, wooded hills to the Knockmealdown Mountains beyond. The gardens are beautifully well kept and you are free to roam through.

Blarney Castle

Has to get a mention because it is Ireland’s best free-roaming castle and it is host to the famous Blarney stone. Old myths claim; if you kiss the Blarney stone you will be blessed with eloquence.


There are too many top quality hotels to make a fair list. Here are 7 of them, I have named a few more that are equally as good.

Here are 7 of the Best hotels

Harveys Point Hotel

Secluded, nestled beside Lake Eski with a mountain background it has a excellent honeymoon setting. It is luxurious and romantic… no wonder it is top of the list on TripAdvisor. Located in Donegal.

The Cliff House Hotel & Spa

Situated on a cliff beside the ocean. Not a huge hotel but beautifully designed with a luxurious interior. You can tee off and drive golf balls into the sea. Premium spa treatments available. Located in Cork.

Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa

Perfect for unwinding and relaxing, excellent spa and it is beachside. Lots of activities available including surfing, deep sea fishing and whale watching. Between adventures, spa treatments with cosy accommodation you won’t need to leave the area. Located in Cork.

Aghadoe Heights Hotel & Spa

Features an astonishing mountain view over the lake with a panoramic view will leave you gasping for breath. Its sleek finished interior with contemporary comfort and spa available also contributes to its 5 stars. The Paps Mountains, visible from the hotel, were called ‘Dhá Chíoch Danu’ in Gaelic, which means ‘the two breasts of Danu’. This was the name of the Celtic female goddess. Located in Killarney.

Lough Eske Castle, a Solis Hotel & Spa

A timelessly beautiful castle and spa and the luxurious interior and variety of rooms earns it 5 stars. It is a meticulously restored 17th century castle that offers a fresh perspective of castle accommodation. Located in Donegal.

The Twelve Hotel

Located in a beautiful seaside irish speaking village in Galway. It is a petit boutique hotel. Your very own private spa is available. This hotel is ideal for relaxing and enjoying your first days of marriage. The wooden floors throughout the hotel offers a warm feel. Although it is a 4 star hotel, it is still very luxurious and it has beautiful sights around it.

Parknasilla Resort & Spa

Another fine hotel surrounded by views of the Atlantic Ocean and green forestry with a hot-tub on an outdoor deck so you can enjoy the view together in style. Just off the Wild Atlantic Way there is plenty of beauty to see and beautiful Victorian styled rooms to stay in.

Some of the Finest Spa

Famous Irish hospitality ties the signature treatments and luxurious pampering all together into an unforgettable spa experience. All of the spas will awaken the senses and relax the mind. We’ll be able to book your treatments depending on your location and itinerary.

Here are 7 of the best GoIrish spas…

Ritz-Carlton Powerscourt Co.Wicklow

Positioned snugly below the Sugarloaf Mountains in Wicklow, the garden county, Powerscourt has a great setting. The Spa is elegant and sleek with a black marble swimming pool with silver speckles mimicking the night sky. Located beside a private river walk for guests, waterfalls and gardens. It is perfect for getting lost in the moment. I doubt you will get hungry because food is supplied by Gordon Ramsey's restaurant.

The Cliff House Hotel & Spa

Again, it gets mentioned… I’m starting to get concerned for other hotels. Set on the side of a cliff with a view of Ardmore Bay, the spa is well lit up in natural light. there are 2 beautiful walkways nearby. With a flawless finish,slatted walls, an infinity pool and an outdoor jacuzzi overlooking the bay; it is tranquil yet energetic.

Monart Destination Spa, Co. Wexford

Set in 100 acres of countryside, with horses and woodland surrounding the hotel combined with a mixture of soft, light wood and light colored marble evokes a different feel to this spa. The garden consisting of waterfalls, streams, mature trees and rolling hills all intermingle to create an inspiring and beautiful space.

Delphi Mountain Resort, Co. Galway

This lodge style resort is surrounded by the Connemara Mountains which can be seen in great fashion from the spa. the rugged landscape is a perfect match for the wood and stone exterior of the resort. It offers a different kind of luxury as the wooden furniture keeps with the lodge’s earthy feel and the wooden tones used on the interior keeps the warm feeling inside. The spa’s relaxation area and its hydro pool have one of the best views in Ireland.

Muckross House Spa, Co. Kerry

Winner of the 2011 ‘World Luxury Spa Award’ and it is clear to see why… the pool area looks like a place a Greek Goddess would bath. It is composed of marble floor & pillars and light blue tiling in the pool. There is a secluded jacuzzi surrounded by lovely green forestry. A combination of Greek style architecture and Celtic doors offers top class luxury.

ESPA, G Hotel, Co. Galway

This one moves away from the secluded setting. Located minutes away from Eyre Square in Galway the ESAP has a world leading design with urbanised style and a contemporary sense of luxury. A dark pool area with blue & purple lighting on the walls and a green-lit pool, it is definitely something different. Excluding the pool area it is a well lit spa. The spa exterior is surrounded by Japanese style gardens and a Zen garden on the roof. It reflects a timelessness of contemporary elegance.

Great Counties To Begin, Stay Or Finish In

The Republic of Ireland is composed of 26 counties and Northern Ireland has 6. Of course each county has its reasons to be visited but some are more iconic than others. The Counties below all have a vibrant nightlife, great Irish culture, sights to see, things to do and places to stay. We have tours to show you the very best of each! 🙂

Here are the top GoIrish Counties…


The capital should be visited, not just because it is the capital. Dublin's historical significance in the early steps towards a republic cannot be ignored. Although there are many more reasons; the nightlife is great and Temple Bar should be visited if you are in Dublin. The architecture is beautiful, there are plenty of tours like the Guinness Storehouse Trinity College and the Book Of Kells to name a few.


Now the second best place for family-holidays in Europe. Full of sights and culture, Kerry is home to the Ring of Kerry and Ireland’s most cultural city- Kilkenny. No doubt you’ll love the people and you will be culturally adequate by the end.


The west of Ireland is beautiful, as is Galway! it has similarities to Dublin but it is more chilled out. It is home to the iconic Salthill and the streets are full of buskers. The city is a joy to explore with its twisty cobbled streets, colourful shop facades and busy café/ bar culture. The city is also well known for its many festivals throughout the year.


The most northern county with one of the best tour routes out there- The Wild Atlantic Way, it is breathtaking! It is full of pretty towns and great resting places. Home to the beautiful Letterkenny city. It is a Gaeltacht county too.


Rich farmlands and river valleys contrast with the wild sandstone hills of the west, and above all there is the magnificent coastline scooped and fretted by the Atlantic into great bays and secret coves, strewn with rocky headlands and long soft golden sands.

ESPA, G Hotel, Co. Galway

This one moves away from the secluded setting. Located minutes away from Eyre Square in Galway the ESAP has a world leading design with urbanised style and a contemporary sense of luxury. A dark pool area with blue & purple lighting on the walls and a green-lit pool, it is definitely something different. Excluding the pool area it is a well lit spa. The spa exterior is surrounded by Japanese style gardens and a Zen garden on the roof. It reflects a timelessness of contemporary elegance.