Spas & Signature Irish Treatments Chapter 9

Here I’ll tell you what Irish spas do to make it a ‘signature Irish treatment’, give you a brief example of the prices of treatments – although they differ between spas (so it is only an example) and in Chapter 5 I’ll give you a list of some of the best spas around.

The last thing newlyweds want is surf the internet for days or weeks to plan their relaxing vacation! A lot of hotels offer spa treatment packages

I’m going to help minimise the stress of understanding the Irish spa industry.

It takes so long to find the best spa treatments at the best prices. But many hotels offer packages including treatments and accommodation. Some hotels offer alternatives ranging from a moonlight paddle ($50) to rockclimbing and abseiling($50).

Call us with some location, ideas and budget suggestions so we can give you the best and most relevant information. Also, special offers change throughout the year so when you contact us we’ll be happy to keep you updated with any changes.

Incase you get tired of the socialising and feel like unwinding, as many couples plan to do during their honeymoon, let’s talk about pampering yourselves…

The ‘Braveheart’ & ‘Michael Collins’ routes, Co. Wicklow – Wicklow has been a hub for blockbuster movies for decades, including Braveheart & P.S I Love You. The are a number of epic driving routes through the dubbed the Garden County.

Irish spas have cutting-edge treatments and supplies from around the world, combining that with Ire-land’s trademark marine therapy, it has brilliant results. Tucked away in Ireland’s most tranquil spots, you’ll find some of the finest and most luxurious spas in the world here.

Irish spas are sanctuaries of calm and pampering that combine the nourishment of the island’s natural resources, such as mineral-rich seaweeds, with cutting-edge treatments from around the world. Marine cure therapy is one of Ireland’s most famous indigenous therapies.

Ireland has so many treatments to help you relax and enjoy your time together. Rang-ing from Seaweed Treatments to Thermal Suites and Peat Treatments.

Ireland has so many treatments to help you relax and enjoy your time together. Rang-ing from Seaweed Treatments to Thermal Suites and Peat Treatments.

The settings for these blissful breaks are also pretty special, and can range from an opulent castle dating back centuries to the very modern, super-glam boutique hotel.

It is worth knowing there are 4 of types of spas:

  • Day Spas
  • Resort Spas
  • Hotel Spas
  • Special Retreats

If you plan on travelling from place to place, book treatments in advance to avoid any unwanted surprises.

If you plan on staying in one hotel for your honeymoon, I have outlined over 20 accommodation expenses in ‘Chapter 4’.

There are so many spas in Ireland, here I’ve selected a few examples for prices.

Note: all prices include a diverse range of treatments, lengths and differ in extravagance. Some spas share similar treatments. Some spas use special brands for treatments.

The Cliff House Hotel, Co. Waterford

The spa has a spectacular view of Ardmore Bay
Facials ($83 – $123) (€73 – €109)
Massages ($61 – $150) (€54 – €133)
Doubles treatments ($72 – $167) (€64 – €148)
Outdoor bathing therapies ($39) (€33)
Arrival pampering ($16 – $83) (€14 – €73)

The Cliff House Hotel, Co. Waterford

Surrounded by the scenic Connemara Mountains which provides a beautiful, more wilderness look than The Cliff House.

They offer half-day and full day packages ranging from $106 to $290 for between 2.5 hours and 5.5 hours of treatments including body scrubs, massages, baths and thermal suite time – which is a secluded space with all your spa needs including fresh fruit, jacuzzi, steam room & sauna with a glorious mountain view. They also offer non-package treatments similar to those in the Cliff House.

The Lyrath Estate Hotel, Kilkenny

A different beauty to the others mentioned. It offers a simple, open view of the gardens.

They offer signature treatments ranging from $61 to $145. Package treatments range from $167 to $280, for 3 to 4.5 hours of treatments. Again – similar non-package treatments.

Now you know where to hear As Gaelic, what Irish dancing is, the traditional sports & why visiting Irish castles is so highly recommended. You should drive around if you want to experience the culture at its best. You have a better idea of what to expect from the social life and spas… Its a stroll in the park right?! Next you’ll gain an insight on the scenery – but there is nothing like seeing it in person!