What To Do Chapter 15

This will be a short section because there is not much you romantic honeymooners should avoid doing, but a couple of points are still worth mentioning to make sure you have the best experience possible.Lets start off on a fundamental basic..

Do not drive on the wrong side of the road. If you rent a car, write “Left” on a sticky note and stick it onto the dashboard.

Ireland made history in March 2004 when Ireland became the first country in the world to introduce comprehensive legislation banning smoking in workplaces this includes non-employees – you – from smoking in an enclosed public space or workplace.Drinking on the streets is not permitted. Temple Bar may be one of the few exceptions.

You are on your honeymoon, a time of escaping the world and indulging in your love for each other. So I don’t need to tell you not to joke about any periods of conflict in Irish History.

Although we are in a period of globalisation don’t expect to find ALL the same brands in Ireland as you would in America or Australia. Ireland have a cosmopolitan of international and national brands. We have McDonalds and Coca-Cola… 🙂

Don’t fall into all the tourist traps! Most of them are brilliant, like the Cliffs of Moher and Newgrange but don’t assume something will be great because it is “for tourists”.

Develop a relationship with someone before you put on an Irish accent… Resist the urge!

Nobody says “top fo the morning to ya”.

Singin a traditional & classic Irish song in the pub like ‘The Fields Of Athenry can be forgiven 🙂

Leprechauns are almost impossible to catch. If you catch one please let us know!

Final advice… Tell people you are on your honeymoon! We love to share joy and excitement!